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Sonashi was established in 1993 in Dubai, U.A.E  and has since become an industry leader for Consumer Electronics. Our products are sold in over 30 countries worldwide and are proud to have millions of satisfied customers. Our range of home appliances, personal care products, cooling/heating appliances and lighting solutions have made life easier and comfortable for millions of our valued consumers.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and we at Sonashi are committed to be at the forefront of innovation and a pioneer in our industry. We strive to create innovative products that add value to your everyday life.

We are committed to delivering the best customer experience through our products and services. To that end, all our products undergo stringent testing for safety and reliability to guarantee the quality of ours products. All our products are sold with a minimum of 6 months warranty and fully supported by professional and prompt after-sales service to ensure our customers utmost satisfaction.

Sonashi is a leading brand name that is well distributed in over 30 countries. In U.A.E. our products are available at over 300 leading retailers. Out network of retail stores, wholesales outlets & online distribution infrastructure enable universal access to our all products in key Gulf countries. Our after-sales service team also offers on-site assistance for technical support and speedy service for repairs and maintenance.

In South India. our products are available at over 500 leading retailers.

Our company was built on trust, the trust our customers place in our brand to deliver quality products that last. Here at Sonashi each product undergoes strict quality control to ensure product safety and reliability standards are met.

Innovation through product design has always been a core strategy of our company. Our team of in-house designers generate concepts that excite and innovate. With a history of design innovation, we strive to raise the bar on product design and create differentiated products that stand out in the marketplace.

Our state of the art warehousing facilities located in Dubai, India and China provides prompt and efficient distribution of our products to all neighboring gulf countries, as well as our customers locally. We also offer assorted containers of our full range for direct shipment from our warehouses in China.

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